Contact Summer 2018

The final issue of Contact explores a panoply of issues, themes, and personalities central to the contemporary Jewish experience from the growing phenomenon of single women rabbis to new expressions of Jewish ritual. It also examines the challenges and imperatives of secular education in the Hasidic world and features three Jews deepening their Jewish connections through music, history and the rabbinate.

Contact Spring 2018

The Spring issue of CONTACT explores the past, present, and potential future tapestries of Jewish life in communities spanning the globe.

Contact Autumn 2017

The Autumn issue of CONTACT visits people across the world preserving memory, reinvigorating tradition, and opening doors to more vibrant connections to Jewish life.

Contact Summer 2017

The Summer issue of CONTACT features fascinating forays into the languages and landscapes that have deepened contemporary Jewish experience.

Contact Winter 2017

This issue of CONTACT explores diverse facets of an American Jewish community experiencing both transition and strength.

Contact Summer 2016

The Summer issue of CONTACT features a diverse array of personalities and perspectives exploring history, memory and cultural meaning in Jewish communities throughout the world.

Contact Spring 2016

The Spring issue of Contact explores Jewish community, diversity and expression in worlds ranging from a Russian Jewish festival in New York to an artistic interpretation of the Talmud in London.

Contact Winter 2016

This issue of CONTACT explores landscapes and languages that together weave a fascinatingly diverse fabric of contemporary Jewish experience.

Contact Spring 2015

The Spring issue of CONTACT focuses on the Jewish experience in lands as disparate as Moscow and the Catskills, and in contexts as diverse as communal living in New Orleans and New York narratives woven together in the Hebrew language.

Contact Winter 2015

Welcome to the relaunch of CONTACT, the magazine of The Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life that provides critical and constructive commentary on the Jewish community.